What we do

We are a diverse group of women (and currently three children) who sing, build voice and sing in solidarity with others. Whilst our monthly Tuesday night is the core of our work, we sometimes sing in public.  Usually at events linked specifically to women, social justice, wellbeing, self-care and community-building.  Amongst many other, we have sang with Million Women Rise, Yarls Wood Detention Centre, residential homes, Black Lives Matter, world mental health day.  Some of the women continue to develop ways to bring singing into social justice activism, particularly on issues affecting the most marginalised women – immigration detention, domestic violence, racist police brutality . Our aim is to use signing to transform energy in a space. And to always to get as many people to join in with us as possible.We share songs we love or have written, along with the stories of what they mean to us.


We share tea and snacks. Those who eat together, stick together!

We recognise the importance of listening and community, especially in a place like London where many people are busy rushing from one thing to the next and don’t feel like they are part of a supportive community network.