How we work

All self-defining women are welcome to join us, whatever age, race, class, sexual orientation, income levels, ability, religion, health status or energy levels. We actively support building the voices of working class women, LGBTQIA women and women of colour. Children and young women under 18 are welcome to join with their parent or guardian.

IWD Dalston 2015

Self-care and celebrating our differences

We actually work to talk about and learn from and celebrate our differences, rather than pretending we all subscribe to a mainstream norm. Singing helps us to connect with each other creatively and equally.  We include the whole body and the breath as part of voice. So gentle and purposeful movement and breathing exercises are an important part of every session – with benefits for calming the nervous system as well as for singing more openly. Each song is chosen carefully according to themes of expressing feelings, celebration, social justice and protest, courage, play and silliness, seasonal beauty or festivals, tackling challenges, etc.


Our community

We share songs we love or have written, along with the stories of what they mean to us. We share tea and snacks. Those who eat together, stick together!  We recognise the importance of listening and community, especially in a place like London where many people are busy rushing from one thing to the next and don’t feel like they are part of a supportive community network.  Whilst Tuesday nights are the core of our work, we sometimes sing in public too. Usually at events linked specifically to women, social justice, wellbeing, self-care and community-building. Our aim is to use singing to transform energy in a space.  And to always to get as many people to join in with us as possible.  We love to laugh, be silly and have fun.