Celebrating three years of our singing circle

Three years!! That’s how old our singing circle is. We celebrated that achievement last night with twenty voices singing beautiful songs. We did a mash up of a Disney song (A Whole New World from Aladdin) and a Bollywood song (Chaiyya Chaiyya from Dil Se). We wobbled on the bits where the songs overlay but laughed about it. We changed some of the words in the Disney song to reflect the magic carpet journey through sisterhood. Last night we sang a few protest songs, it just emerged from us. With all that is going in the world, particularly the demonising of children and young refugees in the press, it just felt right to reject those ideas with songs. Afterwards Sondhya sent us a playlist of protest songs which can found here.

Lucy, Karen and Shilpa have been there from day one. It was a wonderful mix of new and old faces. We welcomed six new women and we were delighted to see our wonderful Sarah who has moved back to Denmark. And I swear Karen was showing off some serious moves yesterday. 

With Autumn, it is getting darker but we also have beautiful trees. So we lit some candles to celebrate this beautiful season, which has also brings us Diwali, Halloween and Bonfire night. We had our own candles for the the Diwali festival. 
We ended the singing circle with, Thina Simunye wrapping it around Mary and the beautiful friend she lost. Mary is off to South Africa and will back in May. We wish her a safe journey. 




We self organise and come together to sing, songs that we love and have meaning to us.

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