When I sing…I feel like I’ve been washed

When I sing…I feel like I’ve been washed somehow. The amount of time I’ve gone into those sessions feeling totally crap after work, whether drained or tired or teary or angry or just frustrated with all the things I’m supposed to “do”. Sometimes I wondered if I should still go or go home and curl on sofa and eat chocolate and be cross with the world. In each and every time I have gone along I have felt totally different after. Genuinely transformed. 

The act of singing – and doing it nothing more than it feels good to do and share with a small group of women – has shifted something each time. On truly rubbish days it has felt magic, as though the vibrations of singing and being together chased away the bad feelings.

Singing with other women is very uplifting. They are bunch of women with whom all the nonesence of life and social communication doesn’t exist – the power of singing brings the group together in a regulatory way. I feel accepted with whatever energy I bring and the community there is brilliant. New people are welcomed, no-one asks any difficult questions and people really want to get to know you. 

 Even when big life things have happened – I got married and then was pregnancy with my first child – this group didn’t ask the “same old three or so questions” that everyone else was asking all the time. They instead just “sat” with the information and shared my happiness. Nothing nosey, nothing where they were ticking off a list of “things”, they just genuinely cared I suppose.

It’s been brilliant, even with all the changes we have had. 




We self organise and come together to sing, songs that we love and have meaning to us.

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