What happens when we sing

Singing together makes us feel good.  It’s not just about making nice sounds – it’s about feeling excited and relaxed and having fun

Singing together is good for our health and wellbeing
Singing can decrease stress and support good mental health. It can help us breathe deeply and increase lung capacity. Singing has even been found to help people to manage chronic pain.

Singing together can change lives
Singing together in a supportive group atmosphere can help us be more relaxed, inspired and connected. And as we use our voices more, singing can help to build confidence

What happens at each session? 

At each session we do simple breathing exercises and sing easy-to-learn songs in simple harmonies. We sing songs from around the world, folk, reggae, jazz, pop, soul, gospel songs, songs of struggle, seasonal songs and lots of silly stuff. We have a tea break so you get to socialise too. You will leave feeling relaxed and energised.
We do occasional informal performances to share our singing with the world!

By Shilpa Shah.  You can find out more about Shilpa’s work on her blog https://myheartsingsuk.wordpress.com/



We self organise and come together to sing, songs that we love and have meaning to us.

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