About us

London Women’s Voices provides something different to an ordinary choir.  We’re a group of women who come together once a month on a Tuesday evening to sing, look after ourselves and each other. To affirm our strengths, to learn from each other, to give voice to stuff that matters and to play and have fun.

Sure we sing together. And we sound good. But that’s not all we do. Deep down, it’s a rather radical space that aims to support women to bring self-care and self-love into their lives. To grow to love and build our voices together on issues that affect us.

The group came together through My Heart Sings singing circles, grounded in unique approach to singing for women’s empowerment. This approach is constantly developing as the group does. It was initiated by Shilpa Shah and draws on her background as an inclusive community empowerment and voice-building specialist, with a regular yoga and meditation practice.

All women are welcome – no previous group singing experience necessary.  Young women under 18 are welcome with an accompanying adult.